Saturday, March 17, 2007

Disney on Ice--money, biting, and men, oh my!

Okay, I admit it. I took my four kiddos to Disney Princesses on Ice last night. First off, we got lost. I had directions, but the highway sign didn't say the name of the street I needed. It was more a comglomeration of "downtown" than anything. It was also the last exit for downtown so I suddenly found myself crossing the river into another state. Nice. I calmly *snort* called my hubby and asked him how to get back.

I told myself the event was all in the spirit of providing my three girls and one son a night of over-expensive fun, filled with $10 cotton candy, $4.75 bottled water, and $3.50 popcorn. Don't even mention the "toys". There was nothing under 12 bucks. While my kids begged the entire night for one of said light up tieras, wands, spinning princesses, or singing roses, I held strong. "We'll share mommy!" Pfft. My kids can't share the popcorn w/o dumping it all over the ground, how would they share a cool light up toy?


So I compromised and told them I would take them to the Disney Store today so they could pick up some similiar, and much cheaper, trinket that will quickly find its way to lost or broken anyhow.

So, post biting incident between the 2 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter--the boy drew blood in front of 5000 people for God sake!--we settled in to watch the show. The first part was a scene from Aladdin. O. M. G. The guy who played Prince Ali Ababwa can grace one of my covers anyday! He had a body to die for. He needed it for all the lifts and twists they did.

The show was really good. It even entertained my 2 yr old son for the entire hour and a half. He sat on my lap for the whole thing and, aside from turning to me after each segment and saying, "Is it over?", he watched the every minute of it. And I must say, the fire breathing dragon from Sleeping Beauty was the best :)


Sandra said...

My daughter loves Disney Princesses and she loved it when we saw Disney on Ice.

N.J.Walters said...

Getting lost aside, sounds like it was a wonderful time, AM! I'd love to see Disney on Ice.