Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is me jumping up and down!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the CAPA nomination at The Romance Studio. I never expected it and am so excited. Blackmailed is my first book, my baby, and I can't tell you how I felt when I saw it there on that list. Thank you, again :-)

Bad Blogger continued...

I got yelled at by my editor for not putting my new cover up, so here it is :-)
I love this guy. Yum! Checkmate is in edits now and due out February 13th. As for what else I'm working's the run down. As of right this minute I'm working on three things for proposal. One is a menage with some M/M elements *wiggles eyebrows* I've never done M/M before but hey, my guys kinda led the way on that one. The second is a futuristic I'm working on with a partner who shall be named later :-) We are both totally psyched about what we've come up with!! And third, I'm toying with submitting a Dragon story for proposal at Samhain. They're doing a dragon anthology. This all on top of Two Sighted (May) Strength of Three (August) and Mystified (November). Oh, and for all of you who requested Scottie's (Blackmailed) story, I've finished and handed it in. Look What Santa Brought will be part of a Christmas anthology for 2007.

I'm a Self-Confessed Bad Blogger

I admit it. I can't remember to update this durn thing to save my life. Who am I kidding. I sit here thinking, I've got to update that blog thingy. And then I stare at the naked screen and wonder, What the hell am I gonna put on it??? There can't be too many of you interested in my kids or personal life, but that's what you get today. Sorry. And the MySpace thing??? What in the hell is it for really? I have one, just have no clue what I'm supposed to do with it :-)

So we've had some personal issues with my Mother in Law lately. On Christmas Day we were literally waiting for her to pass away. She was at end stage of heart disease, brought on by a virus in her heart that she's probably had lying dormant in her for years. Ultimately she needs a new heart but because she's diabetic, her kidneys, liver, and intestines aren't functioning, and she has gastro issues, she's not even close to being a candidate for one. The next day, she'd lived through the night but things still looked bad. Each day was an emotional roller coaster. We had to then start thinking about Hospice or a full time nurse since my FIL can't handle everything at home alone, so far away from his kids. Today, she is going home after suffering through a bout of Staph infection. And what's even more amazing is that Hospice will no longer accept her! Talk about a miraculous turn around.

So, I guess, we'll have the X-mas we missed with our in-laws sometime soon. It's bound to bring her spirits up...though she insists she feels wonderful. I still don't think anyone's said to her, "Do you know they told us not to leave if we wanted to be here when it happened on Christmas Day?"