Thursday, March 27, 2008

New cover goodness :)

My new short story due out June 3rd :) You like?
Here's a peek:

Between a Ridge and a Hard Place
(c) Annmarie McKenna 2008


Is it love? Or sabotage?

After a year of being ignored as a woman by her boss, Morgan steps up her game—and strips down. What better way than a miniskirt to capture her hardheaded boss’s attention? The butt floss she can do without, but hey, if the ploy works…and it does, with spectacular results. Now if only she can keep him interested permanently.

Ridge can’t believe it when the woman he’s quietly lusted after for a year shows up dressed…or rather, undressed…to drop any man to his knees. Instead of worrying about winning a bid after losing the last two under strange circumstances, he whisks her to his place to demolish any notion she might have of changing her mind.

Then it becomes clear why his company is losing bids—there’s a mole planted in their midst. Ridge suddenly has to question Morgan’s sudden transformation from faithful P.A. to office vixen.

Is she the woman he’s been waiting for? Or a corporate saboteur sent to take him down?

Warning: Contains several graphic love scenes. You know, on the bed, on the couch…whichever is closest at the time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Cruise

So we just got back from our Spring Break cruise and let me tell ya, my kids hate each other and their parents, LOL. Yikes. They have this sort of Love/Hate relationship if you know what I mean. And living in a room the size of a walk in closet on a boat--not so good. We spent more time telling our kids to behave than we did seeing the sights! But anyway, we did have a great time. Royal Caribbean's got a great kids program and I'm surprised it wasn't utilized as much as I thought. There were a ton of kids on our ship yet I only saw maybe ten or so from each age group at any time our kids were there. Hey, the hubby and I used the night time to wind down from a day of pulling our hair out. Guess everyone else's kids are just perfect? Here's a few pics from the trip...

The girls at CocoCay, Bahamas.

Adventure Ocean kids performing a pirate show :) I have the little guy in brown right up front and the girl in the pink halter top next to him.

Me and my oldest and youngest dd's holding the alligator :)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Check it out! I got a sweet surprise in the mail today :) My awards from All Romance Ebooks "The Best of 2007". I won twice. Once for Best Book of 2007 with Checkmate and once for Best Author. The were ten winners in each category that included Best Reader, Author, Books, Publisher (which Samhain won for). Congrats to all the winners!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Time to TRI again

Yes, that's right, I'm going to TRI again :) Yeah, yeah, I know last time wasn't so successful but surely that kind of thing can't happen twice, right? Right? Gulp. So this was me last time...

...and FYI, this was the least scary picture. You should have seen the day of. Yikes. It's hard to revisit these, LOL. Anyway, in four weeks I'm going to try again. This time with my sister. This happened on the bike portion and no, I didn't hit by a car and yes, I was wearing a helmet. There wasn't a scratch on it! The scariest portion this time around for me is the swim. It's in open water in a bay with God only knows what swimming around me or trying to eat me. I asked about sharks and my sister's friend laughed and said, "There aren't any sharks! The alligators eat them all." He so did not help my confidence. So, here I am, 4 weeks out from a .6 mile swim, 28 mile bike, and a 6.5 mile run. Not to mention the 13 hour drive with 9 yr old in tow, just to get to the race. Wish me luck :)