Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Binky Schminky

My son will be 3 in less than 2 months. He is the baby of 4 kids, the only boy. Not one of my girls used a pacifier. (they have their own thumb sucking issues, lol.) My son, however, uses a binky and carries a blanket. Aw...he's so cute. Not! It's time for the pacifier to go bye-bye. We originally encouraged the pacifier since he was born tongue-tied to help strengthen his tongue so we wouldn't have to snip it, but it's time to let go now. How? And why do I find this so hard to do?

I don't let my kids get away with not eating a meal and then snacking all day. I don't give in to my 6 yr olds massive tantrums at bed time because "she can't go to sleep". I don't buy them toys when we go to the store no matter how loud they scream. So why is it I can't throw the dang things away and be done with it?

Because he's the baby? The only boy? (oh and by the way, no one told me how different boys were than girls) Holy crap! He's such a sweetie...about 15 minutes out of the day, LOL. The rest, he's a monster. And his vocabulary is bigger than mine! Has been for more than a year. We certainly don't have the verbal issues many toddlers and parents do. I can more than hold an adult sized conversation with him. And he remembers EVERYTHING! Heck the kid's been going on the potty since he was a year and half--not potty trained because he doesn't "feel" when to go yet, but will go everytime he sits on it. He's just now in the last week started saying, "I need to go potty." Thank you, God!

So why is it I can't convince him it's time to let go of the binky? What in his tiny but vast brain won't let him give up his vice? In a few months he starts preschool. "You can't have a binky at preschool," I say. "Yes I can." Adamant little boy.

How did you do it? I've heard toss 'em and be done with it, let him scream it out. For how long? I can see this going on for days on end. I heard one mom say they gave them to the binky fairy--tied them to balloons and sent them into the sky. Only use them at night--*snort*--that's not working :)


Candy said...

Hey AM,

Acutal I let my son tell me when he was done with his pacifier. I didn't care what other people thought, I just wanted what was best for my child.

My son is now a 26 year old man and doesn't seem to have any emotional or physcial problems because of its use.

Also, check out the following website. It gives so interesting information on when and how to get your child to stop using a pacifier.


Candy said...


I forgot to give you the website. LMAO


shellya said...

Hi Annmarie,

I have two sons (21 & 18). Both of my boys had pacifiers and both of them gave them up when they were ready. My best advice for parents would be to relax about the "supposed" time frame when your child should do things or in this case give up things. Most likely he will let you know that he's ready to say bye-bye to binky. Once he starts pre-school, he will most likely be too busy for binky.

My sons are well adjusted and have done well in school, sports & friendships.

Hope this helps,


Annmarie McKenna said...

Thanks ladies. I realize he probably knows when is the right time to give it up but at his recent dentist appointment, she showed me what's actually happening to the shape of his mouth. He's been biting the insides of his cheeks, which I didn't know, because his top teeth are sort of elongating which means his bottom teeth are starting to be on the outside of his top. Don't want that to happen. Ick.

shellya said...

My boys have always been competitive and loves to play games. Try making a game to see how long he can go without binky. Make a chart & give stars (or small prizes) for each day he doesn't need binky. Maybe at the end, he can donate his binky to a baby who needs it. :)