Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thirteen Books I've Read
A Million Times
Annmarie McKenna

1. All The Queen's Men...Linda Howard
2. The Perfect Man...Linda Howard
3. Dying To Please...Linda Howard
4. Heartbreaker...Julie Garwood
5. The Secret...Julie Garwood
6. The Bride...Julie Garwood
7. Sweet Nothings...Catherine Anderson
8. Storm Warning...Dinah McCall
9. The Ugly Duckling...Iris Johansen
10. Hawk O'Toole's Hostage...Sandra Brown
11. Remember Summer...Elizabeth Lowell
12. The Guardian...Dee Henderson
13. Kiss and Tell...Cherry Adair

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Michelle M. Pillow said...

I'll have to write some of those down. I'm woefully behind on my fiction reading.


TK Winters said...

I love, love, love Iris Johansen!

Bianca D'Arc said...

Ha! I just did a "favorite print author" T13 and Linda Howard is definitely on it. I LOVED All the Queen's Men and the McKenzie series. I re-read them from time to time, they's just so darn good!

Loribelle Hunt said...

I love All the Queen's Men too. My copy is falling apart. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Julie Garwood. Only she can head-hop and not grate on my last nerve.

N.J.Walters said...

LOL I've read all but the Dee Henderson one. Love Linda Howard and Julie Garwood!

Tilly Greene said...

Hawk O'Toole's Hostage...I've forgotten about that one. Have to say, both Howard and Garwood are in my reread stack...guaranteed to always satisfy the reading urge.

The tat is rather eye-catching :-)

Annmarie McKenna said...

NJ, The Gaurdian is a inspirational? That's what Dee Henderson writes. If you ever need a break from sex, LOL, check her out. She writes fantastic suspense!

Samantha Lucas said...

The Bride is one of my all time favorites, as is Blue Skies, by Catherine Anderson, though I just love everything she writes.

Great list! :)

Crystal Jordan said...

All the Queen's Men and The Secret. LOVE those ones.

Ingela F. Hyatt said...

Great TT list Amelia!

Looks like I'll have to check out Linda Howard.

Shelli Stevens said...

I love Cherry Adair and Sandra Brown. I've read that Hawk's book a couple times too!!

Tempest Knight said...

Great list!

Nicole Austin said...

Great list of books. Makes me want to go back and reread some favorite stories. I love Linda Howard.

Emma Petersen said...

OMG! I looooooved Hawk O'Toole's Hostage! And I love Sandra Brown especially her early stuff! Fantabulous list! I put almost all of them on my tbr list! :D

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

how did i miss your thirteen? man, i must really be spacing this week!
Sorry babe...i'm slacking on the whorin'. Ugly ducking, heh. i remember being 5 or so and bawling my eyes out over that story, wondering how everyone could be so mean.