Friday, September 08, 2006

Triathlon back on

So, I signed up for the triathlon yesterday which was hilarious. I'm a very self conscious person so it's hard for me to do something like this where there will be lots of "good looking" people passing me up and leaving me in the dust. I finished filling out the form and started to hand it over. When the lady reached for it, I pulled back, my heart pounding, my stomach twisting. "Can I really do this? Will I chicken out the closer race day gets?"
The lady looked at me like I was crazy. "Is there a problem," she says with a smile.
"Yeah. I'm scared."
She laughed. "I would be too." But then another worker who volunteers on race day was very reassuring. She said I wouldn't be the only one like me out there, just like countless other people have told me. I'm a wuss. So, I've paid my non-refundable dues and if I chicken out, I'll be out $45.



KimD said...

Good luck!